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If you have partial dentures, you still have natural teeth on your jaw that require care. Proper oral hygiene is not just for your natural teeth, but also for the partials, since proper care can keep them clean, stain-free, looking good and lasting longer. A properly maintained partial will function adequately, which means eating your favorite foods, participating in sports, laughing confidently with a wide smile and living your life to the fullest. The first step to maintaining the partials is cleaning them properly, preferably after each meal.

How to clean partial dentures

People with partial dentures need to brush them daily. Before starting the cleaning process, fill the sink with water or have a folded towel lying around the container you want to use for cleaning or if the denture falls accidentally. Take out the partial dentures, soak and wash in cold water. Wet the denture brush or a regular soft-bristled toothbrush, apply denture cleaner or a non-abrasive toothpaste and use that to gently brush the partials to remove food debris, plaque and other deposits.

For those who use denture adhesive, it is necessary to pay attention to the grooves that lie over the gums to remove any adhesive material present. Denture cleaners have no place inside the mouth, as they are for external use only. After completing the cleaning process, rinse the partials again, this time in warm water.

Keep the dentures soaked overnight. Most denture types require moisture to maintain their shape. Store the dentures in water or a mild denture solution overnight; otherwise, the acrylic will dry out gradually and cause the denture to lose fitting. Consult the dentist about the correct way to store the dentures while sleeping. Most cleaning and soaking solutions have the manufacturer’s instructions for usage.

Also, the gum tissues need some time to rest; otherwise, they could get infected and irritated. Denture wearers also need to rinse their dentures properly with warm water before placing them back into the mouth, especially after using a denture-soaking solution. This is important for clean and stainless partials. These solutions may contain dangerous chemicals that may result in pain, nausea or burns if ingested.

Cautionary tips

  • Avoid abrasive cleaning materials – hard-bristled brushes, powerful cleaners and harsh toothpaste are tooth abrasive and may damage the dentures.
  • Avoid whitening toothpaste – many whitening pastes usually contain peroxide, which is mostly ineffective for changing the color of the partials due to the nature of materials used.
  • Avoid bleaching products – these products can weaken the denture and change the color. Avoid soaking dentures that have metal attachments in solutions that contain chlorine since it can damage and corrode the metal.
  • Do not use hot water – this can deform the dentures
  • After removing the dentures, clean the mouth with a soft-bristled toothbrush. Pay attention to the tongue, cheeks and palate.

In conclusion

Cleaning partial dentures daily can help prevent the dentures from getting permanent stains and remove substances that might discolor the tooth restoration. Remember to schedule regular dental appointments, as it will allow the dentist to examine and clean the dentures professionally. They will also make any needed adjustments to ensure a good fit and comfortable use.

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