What Is a Denture Reline?

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Have your dentures become uncomfortable? Perhaps it is time for a reline. A simple, inexpensive procedure, a dental reline reshapes the bottom of the denture so it rests comfortably in the gums. Getting a set of artificial teeth relined is an important step in a dental routine. Keep reading to learn how an ill-fitting dental prosthesis can affect health and the different reline options available.

Health risks

Dentures naturally degrade over time. Bone loss and aging are the main culprits behind needing a reline, but significant weight loss or gain can also spark the need for an adjustment. Loose artificial teeth are not only embarrassing and uncomfortable, but they also pose various health risks.

Unhealthy eating habits

Some wearers tolerate pain from improperly fitted teeth by only eating soft foods. Leaving out harder textured foods like nuts, fibrous vegetables and meat deprives the body of valuable nutrients. Consuming only easy to chew foods can also lead to malnutrition and unhealthy weight loss.

Irritated mouth and gums

Poorly fitting prostheses can lead to an angry mouth. Mild or severe mouth inflammation can occur when loose dentures chafe against the gums. Watch out for white plague or red, inflamed tissue which might indicate signs of infection.

Jaw point changes

Ill-fitting teeth can alter the bite and change the jaw point. As a result, headaches, joint pain, neck pain and fatigued facial muscles can cause debilitating discomfort that affects daily living. Ensuring a denture is properly fitted helps wearers focus on living life to the fullest.   

Soft reline or hard reline?

A soft reline is the most common option for denture wearers because it is generally more comfortable. It is also the preferred option for those who have sensitive gum tissue, are relatively new to dentures or are experiencing rapid bone absorption rate.

This fast procedure takes place chairside in the dentist’s office. A liquid polymer is layered directly onto the denture to provide added cushion and depth. Soft relines may require more frequent office visits because of the soft, porous material.

A hard reline procedure can take place in either the dentist office or a lab. This procedure reshapes the prostheses too, but the main difference lies in the materials. While a soft reline uses porous material, a hard reline uses a material similar to a hardened denture base. With a hard reline, patients can go up to several years without needing an adjustment.

Candidates with sensitive or weak gums typically avoid this option. Remember whether hard or soft, patients must go without the dentures for a certain amount of time if they are sent to a lab for adjustments.       


Whether a patient chooses a soft or hard reline, getting this procedure done is a vital step in the maintenance routine. The fit of dentures affects health and confidence, so it is important to keep them in the best shape possible. Relining can allow you to continue to have both a comfortable smile and a healthy one.  

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